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Where do cows get their calcium from? It’s not from the meat or milk of humans. Some of the strongest animals in the world are herbivores. During and after the Second World War; people were at their healthiest in terms of heart disease and diet related illness. Compare that with the health crisis we have today. Let’s leave calves to what’s rightfully due to them and not you. Try almond, hemp, coconut or soya milk in your drinks and food. Plant power has the power to sustain more than just our needs; the impact is a greener, salvaged planet. Ditch the dairy and let cows live for themselves, not be over pumped to produce something that inhibits absorption of any goodness in food.

If you still feel the urge to buy and drink dairy; watch Earthlings or Cowspiracy as you tuck into your tub of dairy ice cream. Sometimes doing the right thing benefits more than just one life. Save the planet, your health and the exploited lives of farm animals.

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